Friday, January 29, 2010

Parent Profile - NYC

Meet Jessie and her beautiful daughters Drew and Harper, our first Parent Profile family of the new year!

Name: Jessie Wixon

Family: Husband Miles and daughters Drew and Harper

Occupation: Stay at home mom and public relations freelancer

Jessie's daughters and what they're into:
Drew, age 26 months: Loves her baby sister and sometimes wants to hug her so tight she can't breathe! Just learned about princesses over Christmas and adores them. Loves to play dress up, run, sing, read books and play with her baby dolls all day. She's an independent girl and very ready for preschool!

Harper, age 7 months: Talking up a storm and loves to say "Dada" to her Daddy. Smiles and giggles through her nose all day and adores her big sister to the point where she'd rather watch her than eat! Such a happy, easy going baby. We are very lucky!

New York City

Other cities where Jessie has lived:
I grew up in Massachusetts, lived in Washington, D.C. and my parents currently live in Cape Cod.

Jessie's favorite Itzy Ritzy fabrics:
Central Park West and Funky Monkey Pink

Jessie's one piece of advice for someone about to become a first time parent:
I'd tell them to laugh a lot and enjoy their kids as kids. Don't structure them too much when they are young because you only have them at home with you for so long, so enjoy every moment-it really goes by so quickly!

Jessie's go-to quick and easy meal for her kids:
Hard-boiled eggs, whole wheat pasta and edamame - quick, easy and healthy!

Jessie's parenting trick:

Don't give into the whining! Kids are smart and they know they can get to you, so hold your ground and make sure they speak in their "nice" voice. And I am a firm believer in the Miracle Blanket for babies. Both my kids are great sleepers and I swear it's all because of this blanket!

Jessie's favorite guilty pleasure magazine and TV show:
US Magazine, The Hills and Gossip Girl

The one fashion item Jessie cannot live without:
My alphabet charm necklace with 'M', 'D' and 'H' on it for Miles, Drew and Harper. I wear it everyday.

If Jessie could go anywhere tomorrow on an all expense paid vacation, where would she go and with whom?
I'd probably go back to East Africa with my husband (and take the kids when they were old enough). We spent two weeks there for our honeymoon. Or I'd love to go scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Something else we should know about Jessie:

My oldest daughter gets car sick and I can't tell you how many times the Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Rider has saved me. I just take it off, throw it in the wash when we get to our destination and back on it goes! It's been a lifesaver.

Thank you, Jessie!


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Brittany said...

Hi Mike,

Thank you - this is very generous of you! Our CEO Kelly loves your Miracle Blankets and used them for both of her daughters. We're happy to help get the word out about your fabulous product.

All the best,