Friday, June 14, 2013

Parent Profile: Father's Day Edition - Volume Three: Meet Scott

The celebration of our favorite men concludes with a final, sweet nomination. Meet Scott, an out-of-this-world Itzy Ritzy rock star dad!

Scott's wife Shannon's heartfelt nomination:
When I saw this post about nominating a dad for father's day, I immediately thought, "I wish all kids could have a dad like Scott because the world would be a better place."  He is not only a tremendous father, but a great husband and friend.  Scott is the type of person who takes the little moments and makes them incredible.  Life can be busy and chaotic but he has a way of finding moments with each of our children.  Scott looks at life differently than I do which makes us a great team, and there are many times I try to learn from his parenting techniques.  I value his ability to teach our kids simple things like how to play ball, to catch a fish. The most heartwarming is his ability to love unconditionally.  He is always such a gentle, guiding father that will always be there for them and help with all of life's challenges.  I admire his ability to find fun in simple things and turn them into traditions and joyful memories for our family.  Scott is a true example of what a "dad" represents.  I am proud of who he is and more importantly the father he has become.  I am excited for our children to get to experience life with such a giving, caring, and loving dad.
Scott Carlson - best dad, husband, friend, son....ever.  EVER. He's awesome...and funny!

Scott Carlson

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they're into these days: 
Ella, daughter, 9 years old: she is into Gymnastics
Drew, son, 8 years old: he is into Hockey  
Alex, son, 7 months old: he is into laughing at his brother and sister - he finds them hilarious which is so amazing to watch the older two with our youngest.

What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a dad?
More than anything, the thrill of seeing pure joy in their eyes is the most amazing thing to see as a father
If you had one piece of advice for someone about to become a first-time dad, what would it be?
Have patience.  Life is short, they are little and trying to learn how to become their own unique them, guide them, and most of all give them a lot of love and support.

What is your favorite one-on-one activity with your kids?
With each child it is different.  Anything from a school project to playing sports is fun. Most importantly, connecting with them individually and spending quality father/child time together is priceless.

Thank you for sharing, Scott! We hope you, and all the dads out there, have a very special Father's Day.
  xoxo, Itzy Ritzy   

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