Monday, March 30, 2015

Staying True to Your Style as a Mom

1. Make it fun! Countless sleepless nights, not enough coffee and a baby that requires all of your attention, all of the time, can make for too many days of sweatpants and old tee shirts. But if you make it fun, then you’re more likely to channel that style of yours that you may have lost a bit in the mix of a new baby. One of my favorite ways to make it fun is to match with my baby! He’s not the only one that gets to look cute! If I have him in a little striped onesie, I’ll throw on a cute striped dress. It’s fun to match (sometimes) and hey, there’s only a short window of time where this is acceptable, so I’m taking full advantage!

2. Take care of yourself. Yes, your baby is your new number one priority, but just because you have new priorities doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard yourself. It’s not the least bit selfish to make yourself a priority, as well. Remember, your baby’s happiness relies a lot on your own happiness, since babies can pick up on their parent’s demeanor. If you’re happy and healthy and taking good care of yourself, this will reflect positively on your baby.

3. Look cute, feel cute. This is something I’ve found to prove true time and time again. The days that I do nothing for myself- when I put no makeup on, don’t think about my outfit, those are the days that I just feel frumpy and down on myself. But when I make a bit of an effort, I feel confident and more like myself. And when you look cute, you feel cute, too.

4. Don’t lose yourself in being a mom. Remember that yes, you have changed, but you’re still you. You still have your own personality and your own interests and style that you don’t need to lose when you become a mom. If anything, I’ve noticed that it’s easy to lose myself in taking care of my little one, and that just leaves me feeling confused and like less of a person. I have to make a conscious effort some days to do things I love to do, like style cute outfits and do my makeup and hair, in order to feel like myself.

5. Cute and comfortable. You might want to alter your style a bit when you have a baby, in order to be comfortable running after a little one. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be cute, too! Maybe switch out the stilettos for some stylish sneakers, and retire the pencil skirts for a while in favor of a relaxed swing dress. You will be surprised at how stylish you can be while being casual and kid-friendly at the same time! Then come date night, pull out your heels and hot little dress. It’s all about dressing for the occasion and being comfortable in whatever situation you’re in!

Remember, even the littlest things can make a big difference, and being a new mom means it’s easy to let yourself be the last person you think about. But you are important, too. And you need to take care of yourself and do what you love and what makes you happy in order to be better for your darling baby. Happy wife (and mom!), happy life!

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