Friday, August 29, 2008

Itzy Ritzy Affiliate Program

Itzy Ritzy has a blog, and now an affiliate program! Who says fashion can't be techy-chic?

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Itzy Ritzy's New Blog

Welcome to Itzy Ritzy's Blog!
We are are a trendy company providing the most discerning parents and tots with exceptional and stylish gear. Celebrities love our designer products, and so will you!

Itzy Ritzy was created based on the belief that just because you become a parent, doesn't mean you loose your coolness! You still keep up with the fashion, art and style trends and want to pass your sophisticated flair along to your little ones. And with our hot products, Itzy Ritzy will keep you and your tot ahead of the trends!

Itzy Ritzy's designer line includes:
*Ritzy Sitzy shopping cart & high chair cover
*Baby Ritzy Rider infant car seat cover
*Ritzy Rider toddler car seat cover
*Ritzy Nurser eco-friendly nursing cover
*Bitzy Blankets designer blankets & eco-blankets
*Bitzy Burpers eco-friendly burp cloths
*Eco-Friendly Baby Bamboo Line

Check out our website at