Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Healthy Tips For Busy Moms"

Itzy Ritzy's very own intern Kristie wrote a great article that has been published on eZine Articles. Congratulations, Kristie!
Check out the article here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Itzy Ritzy is Proud to Announce our CLENE Certification!

Being committed to providing the highest-quality products to our discerning parents, Itzy Ritzy decided to take part in a new testing process by the company CLENE. According to their website, "CLENE is all about creating easy, environmentally conscious and 'clene' choices for families". To accomplish this goal, CLENE sends products to testing labs to determine how allergy and asthma-friendly, antimicrobial, dust-mite resistant, mold-resistant and machine washable they are.

Itzy Ritzy's eco-friendly line, made from the most amazing bamboo fabric, met the requirements of the testing and are certified as CLENE products! Satisfy your cravings for safe and stylish eco-friendly gear:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Parent Profile of the Month

Join us every month as we celebrate a new parent and all that they do! For our inaugural addition, we would like to celebrate Kerry, Itzy Ritzy's Co-CEO Kelly's best friend since kindergarten. Thank you Kerry for always being 100% Itzy Ritzy supportive.

Name: Kerry

Occupation: Mom

Kerry's children and what they are into:

  • Will (age 4) - Having play dates, fishing, arts
    & crafts and watching movies
  • Bennett (age 21 months) - Dancing, smiling,
    The Wiggles and finding trouble!

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Other cities where Kerry has lived: Iowa City, IA and Chicago, IL

Kerry's favorite Itzy Ritzy fabric:
Red Rider for my wild little cowboys!

Kerry's one piece of advice for someone about to become a first-time parent:
Make some great mommy friends through classes/church/playgroups, if you don't have them already. They are invaluable for advice, tips, or just to vent!

Kerry's go-to quick & easy meal for her kids:
Peanut butter sandwiches & fruit....we always have bread and peanut butter around, they are fast, and my picky eaters love them. They are great for picnics too because they don't require refrigeration!

Kerry's parenting trick:
When we brush their teeth we go through everything they have eaten that day and "brush it off". It helps them brush longer because they try to think of everything they have eaten, plus it helps me assess how good/badly we have eaten that day!

Kerry's favorite guilty pleasure TV show & magazine:
My weakness is reality TV...and of course 'US Weekly'.

If Kerry could go anywhere tomorrow on an all expense paid vacation, where would she go and with whom?
I would go to Hawaii with a nanny so the boys could be with us, but my husband and I could go out for dinner/drinks at night alone.

Best parenting advice...
"Never say Never". Before having children, I would be appalled at parents that would "let" their kids have tantrums in public and thought it would never be the case when I had kids. Wow did I have a lot to learn!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jerry O'Connell Loves His Twins & Itzy Ritzy!

There's almost nothing sweeter than a dad hanging out with his daughters! Jerry O'Connell is looking great while out with twins Dolly & Charlie, tucked in their Leopard Ritzy Riders.