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Celebrity Fan Beverley Mitchell Loves Itzy Ritzy!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Itzy Ritzy Announces Boutique Brands as New Australian Distributor

For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Itzy Ritzy
Phone: 630.839.9830

Itzy Ritzy Announces Boutique Brands as New Australian Distributor

Naperville, Illinois (June 2013) – Itzy Ritzy is proud to announce the recent news that Boutique Brands will begin distributing Itzy Ritzy products effective immediately for Australia.

Responsible for the popular line of modern solutions for chic parents on the go, Itzy Ritzy products include eco-friendly  Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack & Everything Bags, Ritzy Sitzy™ Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover, Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bags, and the innovative Wrap & Roll™ Infant Carrier Arm Pad & Tummy Time Mat.  Itzy Ritzy looks forward to answering the increased demand from Australian stores and parents with Boutique Brands and their proven capability within the Australian marketplace.

Boutique Brands represents premium baby and children’s products across Australia and is excited to add Itzy Ritzy’s modern collection of baby and toddler accessories that provide smart, attractive solutions to everyday challenges.

Nicole McIver of Boutique Brands explains the company’s decision to distribute: “Boutique Brands is thrilled to become the distributor for Itzy Ritzy and work with everyone on their team. We love this very cool brand, the variety and high quality of their must-have products, and their exclusive prints.  With already a few dozen Itzy Ritzy stockists secured in less than a month, we see a huge potential for this brand in the Australian market and can’t wait to see the brand grow.”

Itzy Ritzy’s Naz Akel, Vice President of Sales, remarks, “Australia is a key target demographic for the expansion of the Itzy Ritzy product line. We look forward to growing our partnership and brand availability in the region with Boutique Brands’ work ethic, professionalism and distribution channels. We will ultimately make the Itzy Ritzy brand easily accessible to the Australian consumer through an array of retail locations.”

For more information from Boutique Brands: Please visit, contact   0412-949-861 or email  so that they may direct you to a sales representative or showroom near you and personally introduce you to the new line.
For more information from Itzy Ritzy, to find a retailer, or for wholesale and distributor information, please call 866.622.2295 or email

About Itzy Ritzy:
At Itzy Ritzy, we believe parenting in style is possible. Our modern multi‐purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches to provide attractive solutions to everyday challenges without making you do a lot of work. Now with a global presence with thousands of retailers across the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Mideast and Europe, Itzy Ritzy is reinventing practical luxury for modern families around the world. We consider our job done when you get your job done in a stylish, exciting and refreshingly simple way.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Parent Profile: Father's Day Edition - Volume Three: Meet Scott

The celebration of our favorite men concludes with a final, sweet nomination. Meet Scott, an out-of-this-world Itzy Ritzy rock star dad!

Scott's wife Shannon's heartfelt nomination:
When I saw this post about nominating a dad for father's day, I immediately thought, "I wish all kids could have a dad like Scott because the world would be a better place."  He is not only a tremendous father, but a great husband and friend.  Scott is the type of person who takes the little moments and makes them incredible.  Life can be busy and chaotic but he has a way of finding moments with each of our children.  Scott looks at life differently than I do which makes us a great team, and there are many times I try to learn from his parenting techniques.  I value his ability to teach our kids simple things like how to play ball, to catch a fish. The most heartwarming is his ability to love unconditionally.  He is always such a gentle, guiding father that will always be there for them and help with all of life's challenges.  I admire his ability to find fun in simple things and turn them into traditions and joyful memories for our family.  Scott is a true example of what a "dad" represents.  I am proud of who he is and more importantly the father he has become.  I am excited for our children to get to experience life with such a giving, caring, and loving dad.
Scott Carlson - best dad, husband, friend, son....ever.  EVER. He's awesome...and funny!

Scott Carlson

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they're into these days: 
Ella, daughter, 9 years old: she is into Gymnastics
Drew, son, 8 years old: he is into Hockey  
Alex, son, 7 months old: he is into laughing at his brother and sister - he finds them hilarious which is so amazing to watch the older two with our youngest.

What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a dad?
More than anything, the thrill of seeing pure joy in their eyes is the most amazing thing to see as a father
If you had one piece of advice for someone about to become a first-time dad, what would it be?
Have patience.  Life is short, they are little and trying to learn how to become their own unique them, guide them, and most of all give them a lot of love and support.

What is your favorite one-on-one activity with your kids?
With each child it is different.  Anything from a school project to playing sports is fun. Most importantly, connecting with them individually and spending quality father/child time together is priceless.

Thank you for sharing, Scott! We hope you, and all the dads out there, have a very special Father's Day.
  xoxo, Itzy Ritzy   

Itzy Ritzy thinks that Scott would love the following products to match his personality:
Rock Star Snack Bags

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parent Profile: Father's Day Edition - Volume Two: Meet Jerad

The celebration of Itzy Ritzy rock star dads continues with Jerad, one awesome, superhero dad:

Read the nomination Jerad's wife, Angelika, wrote for him:
My husband, Jerad is one rock star dad! We have two little ones and he has never been afraid to change a diaper! In fact, he probably changes more than I do on the weekends ;) He's been pooped on (yeah projectile poo! MULTIPLE TIMES, yuck!), peed on, puked on, you name it! But through it all we just laugh about it. It's so adorable how he is probably a little over paranoid when it comes to our 16 month old and making sure food pieces aren't too big and any weird noise he makes he's instantly worried he's choking. (You can never be too careful and I definitely don't mind it - I just love how much he loves our boys!)  He's all too willing to watch the boys for the evening so I can run errands or catch up with a girlfriend. I just know way too many dads who've never watched their own children for more than an hour at a time so it's become apparent through the years what a blessing he is! He's my best friend and soulmate - we've been married going on 7 years in August. I'm a stay at home mom to our kiddos so he's the supporter of our family. He's just an amazing dad. When he gets home from work, that is the highlight of both of my boys' day, as it is mine. He makes me happier than I'd ever dreamed was possible. When you have kids, the love you have for your spouse can change and for us it changed in the best of ways. Before kids, I loved him so much it was impossible to describe. After having kids, it's 100x that. Because there is nothing better than seeing my boys rolling around on the ground together laughing and squealing because of their dad. Music to my ears and my heart is full.

Jerad Parrish

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they're into these days: 
Hayden, son, 4½ years old: he is into dinosaurs and pirates and you can catch him imitating either throughout each day.
Brantley, son, 16 months old: he is fearless and ornery! He loves to dance, climb, and play with anything that isn't a toy! 
Both boys will go crazy with excitement whenever "Gangnam Style" starts playing!

What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a dad?
How much you could love another person so much - it's incredible.

If you had one piece of advice for someone about to become a first-time dad, what would it be?
Don't sweat the small stuff! Like when you lift those little legs up too far and you get projectile pooed on!

What is your favorite one-on-one activity with your kids?
Playing catch or rolling a ball around with the boys!

Thank you for sharing, Jerad! We hope you, and all the dads out there, have a very special Father's Day.
xoxo, Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy thinks that Jerad would love the following prints to match his personality:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Itzy Ritzy and Ju-Ju-Be Father's Day Giveaway!

In honor of our past cameo on Hangover II, Itzy Ritzy and Ju-Ju-Be are partnering up for a Father’s Day GIVEAWAY!

We will randomly pick ONE lucky Facebook fan to win a Ju-Ju-Be bag AND a $75 Itzy Ritzy gift certificate! (Please note that the prints in the Hangover II photo above are no longer available.)

Fine Print:
Giveaway runs from 6/10/13 thru 6/16/13 at Midnight PST.
One Facebook fan will be chosen to win both a Ju-Ju-Be bag of your choice AND and a $75 Itzy Ritzy gift certificate! (Winner may choose from the available stock on the Ju-Ju-Be and Itzy Ritzy websites excluding the Ju-Ju-Be Earth Leather Be Prepared).

The winner will be announced on Monday, 6/17/13 by NOON PST on our blog, Pink Room, Facebook, and Instagram.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
Must be 18 years or older to enter.
Giveaway is open to our friends around the world!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Please Read this Courageous Parent Profile: Father's Day Edition

Father's Day Parent Profile
We're doing something special for Father's Day and featuring THREE amazing men this week!

Dear Itzy Ritzy Friends:

I want to thank you in advance for your time in reading this Parent Profile as it is not our typical newsletter.

A good friend of mine, and of Itzy Ritzy, was recently diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.  Like all of us, he is a loving spouse, caring parent of two young beautiful children and a wonderful friend.  Affectionately known as "The Seabass", his attitude in the face of his current situation is truly inspirational; however, to me, The Bass has been inspirational long before this chapter of his life.  Any situation, any moment, any good time immediately becomes better when The Bass is there!  You can read more about Stephen as a father and his story below.

Brian Douglas
Chief Executive Officer Itzy Ritzy, Dad of Three


Stephen (age 36), wife Cara, daughter Mary Adair (3 years old) and son James (16 months)

About Stephen:

Stephen Finger - known to my friends as Seabass or The Bass. I am a 36 year-old economics professor at the University of South Carolina. I have two kids and a beautiful wife.

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they're into these days: 

James: 16 months. Trying to walk, music, books. Mostly he loves to play whatever his sister is playing and to smile and laugh at his parents.

Mary Adair: 3 (yesterday!)  Puzzles, books,  games, bossing around her brother.  She also loves to go to local festivals or to the park to meet new friends. 

What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a dad?
Investments pay off.  Getting up in the middle of the night when they were screaming as newborns, rocking them back to sleep, rocking them when they won't go back to sleep, making them breakfast at 5:30am on Saturday morning, taking them to the zoo while Mama gets some work done, getting down on the floor to play, snuggling on the couch.  All of these little investments made me love my little guys beyond belief.  Moms are invested for nine months before babies are born.  Some dads are connected right away.  I always was going to take my role as a father seriously, but I think it was only through really getting my hands dirty that my love for my children grew to the "this is the most amazing thing in the world" stage. 

You're a healthy guy, how did you know something was wrong?

For the past year or two, I have noticed my hands getting weaker. It started on my left and then moved to my right. Nothing major, but sort of annoying. Little things I did on a daily basis like buttoning little dresses, unlatching car seat buckles, opening champagne bottles, had become more difficult than they should have been. I was able to help Santa Claus put together a new swing set in the backyard, but only with frequent breaks to warm my hands (in South Carolina mind you).

The diagnosis: 

In January 2013, I went to see an orthopedist, I was then referred to a neurologist, and ultimately referred me to a neuromuscular specialist at Duke University. Duke has treated my family well in the past -- Cara and I were married in the chapel and my parents met there -- so we went up there in February. We met with one of their neuromuscular specialists, who did more tests and concluded I had a Motor Neuron Disease, and referred me to Duke's ALS Clinic. The doctor there confirmed that it was ALS.

Obviously, I would rather not have this disease, or face an uncertain future, but I love my life. I love my life. I don't write that twice to convince myself. I right that twice because I mean it wholeheartedly, without any hesitation. I look back at the day I was diagnosed and I cherish crying in my wife's arms in the Duke Gardens. Snailing snot all over her sweater just like James or Mary Adair do. I obviously wish this was not a part of my life, but make no mistake, I love my life.


What is your favorite one-on-one activity with your kids?

We love to go to the Richland County Public Library. They have wonderful story times and just amazing concerts. However, I have found being there very emotional recently. Sitting on a rug having a great time with my kiddos, surrounded by other families doing the same. But, they don't wonder for how long they will be able to sit on the rug and catch their kid before she runs off. They don't wonder whether they will know their children as 6 year-olds or 8 year-olds. They don't wonder whether they will be around to see their kid go off to their first day of kindergarten. This is the big occasion I hope to make it to. James's first day of kindergarten. It may be overly ambitious; I hope it is way under ambitious (again, I pray my estimates are off by 10 times!), but this is the event I am targeting. Dropping him off at school or at the bus stop, name tag pinned on his shirt, lunch box in hand, wearing a new backpack, nervous and proud to go off to the big kids' school. The first step in preparing to take on the world. I want to see that step.


You have such an amazing spirit in light of the sadness associated with ALS (on average patients live 3-5 years as they lose the ability to walk, talk, swallow and eventually breath). Your attitude is truly inspiring. How do you face each day?

This is my normal. I'll be laying on the ground with James crawling on me, drooling on me, laughing at me, and I will just want to scream in his face, "REMEMBER THIS!" "REMEMBER HOW MUCH YOUR FATHER LOVED PLAYING WITH YOU ON THE FLOOR." "REMEMBER THE LOOK IN MY EYES." If or when the day comes that I can't roll around on the floor, or bounce you up in the air, I hope you at least see the same spirit in my eyes. Mary Adair now recognizes jokes. She will say little nonsense sayings and laugh. When I tell her a joke, she will laugh hysterically if I give her the right prompting. Will I be around long enough for her to figure out my jokes aren't that funny? Will I be around long enough for her to realize how proud I am of every new trick she learns, of all of the things I know she will achieve? Walking my daughter down the aisle may be a pipe dream at this point, but there are so many things I want to do together in the meantime. Waiting in bed in the morning for her to yell, "Papa come get me" and being able to be the one who goes in and gets her (she will do this til she goes away to college, right?). Taking her to her first soccer game, first dance recital, first concert, first art exhibit in 5 years, in 10 years. Enough to know them and for them to know me. 

Tell us about your beautiful wife, Cara:

It is crushingly sad to think about the affect this disease will have on my wife. She said for sicker or poorer. I heard her say it. A chapel full of people heard her say it. But I don't think either of us were anticipating this. Maybe some of our memories we thought we'd have won't be made. We have made so many amazing ones already, and I know she knows I love her beyond all doubt. But it is hard. Her life won't be what she expected even a few months ago. She is an incredibly capable, organized person, and I know what ever comes, she will keep our family going. But it is hard to know I won't be there all of the time to help. There to get between her and Mary Adair when their stubborn heads butt one another. There to calm her down when James responds to an admonishment with a grin and a hug. There on the couch when the kids are asleep, or out with friends, or off to college. I see how it already affects her as I have trouble getting James dressed and changed. She picks up the slack. She keeps the house going, while also doing her job at work the only way she knows how, better than anyone else. She is the one facing the looming burden. Through this she has told me, "I don't need you to do anything, but I need you." I don't need you to do anything, but I need you. This is burned in my head. She takes comfort in knowing that my sense of touch will likely not be compromised, so while I may lose the ability to squeeze her hand, I won't lose the ability to appreciate her squeezing mine. 


Like you, the Itzy Ritzy community of parents "Loves Life". How can they help?
My hope is that more people become aware of ALS. More people being aware of ALS, means more people working to make sure effort and money are going where they are needed. More money and efforts from individual donors will help conquer this disease that has ceded almost no ground in the past 144 years. If you feel like giving money, give to The ALS Association. If you give, I will be grateful, as will my family, and many other families affected by the disease. Donate now. 

On June 15th there is a ALS Association Walk to Defeat ALS. If you should feel that you want to donate to the cause, Itzy Ritzy will match your donation up to a total of $2,500 as a Father's Day gift to The Bass.

Please support the Itzy Ritzy team and show Seabass that he and his family are not alone in this.
Donate now. 

Any amount you feel comfortable giving is deeply appreciated. You can even donate in honor of your husband and include a print-out in his Father's Day card. Let him know that you love your life and when you said for sicker or poorer, you mean it.

Go Get 'Em Seabass! 

You can read more about Stephen's Story here.