Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dining with Dylan: Dining in Disneyland

Good morning!

Dylan and I have been taking advantage our Disneyland Annual Passports as well as the slow tourist season (January-February) and have been spending our Tuesdays at Disneyland.  After 3 visits, I realized that:
  1. I am spending way too much money for my toddler to eat and
  2. he's not eating the healthiest of meals when we are there.
So, I went to our local Whole Foods Market and loaded up on supplies to create my own Disneyland-Friendly Toddler Meal, including lunch and snacks.  Of course, everything fit perfectly in Dylan's Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens Bento Lunch Box! For reference, here is the menu description and pricing for the Toddler Meal offered at most Disneyland eateries.  This is separate from the Children's Menu, and the Mac & Cheese is served up in a 4 oz ramekin:

Disneyland Toddler Meal

Macaroni & Cheese - $6.49

Served with Sliced Apples, Carrots and Choice of Small Low-Fat Milk or Small Dasani Water
Juice Box Available on Request

Dylan's Bento Box Menu
Top: Snacks


Bottom: The Toddler Meal Lunch

  • Whole Foods 365 Brand Frozen Organic Macaroni & Cheese
  • Organic Sliced Apples
  • Organic Carrots

This makes me feel so much better about feeding Dylan at Disneyland!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dining with Dylan: Brunch Happens Too

I have found myself in a bit of a predicament as of late...Dylan won’t eat a breakfast first thing in the morning as we are getting ready for class. He falls asleep for his nap around 12:30pm, right after his morning class, making lunch a very late lunch everyday as he wakes around 2:30pm.  I am finding that he will eat in the car on the way to class, and therefore, I need to make the most out of that meal, as it has to account for the nutrient content of two meals!  So, today’s Dining with Dylan focuses on brunch in his adorable Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens Bento Lunch Box, which is the absolute perfect size for car travel!

Are there any other Moms out there with this predicament?

- Kristine

This week's box features food from Trader Joe's and a V8 juice box nestled inside.  Kristine loves these juice boxes! – no corn syrup, low in sugar, and is a serving of fruit + veggie)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dining with Dylan: Sharing Snacks

For this week's featured Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens™ Bento Lunch Box I created a snack buffet for Dylan to take to his Mommy and Me class.  Each day the tots are expected to bring in snacks to learn how to share and how to transition in and out of food, which is ever so helpful with a 2 year old!  So, today, we made his snack extra special by adding some variety (and an option from each of the food groups!)  I absolutely love the different compartments in our Lunch Happens™ Bento Lunch Box, it not only makes the food visually appealing, but, since my son doesn't like his food touching, it makes my life that much easier.  Sharing is caring!