Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parent Profile: All The Way From Europe!

This month's Parent Profile takes us overseas to meet Lise, an Itzy Ritzy fan from Norway, and her three adorable sons! Lise recently visited the Itzy Ritzy headquarters in Chicago during a stay with her cousin, Itzy Ritzy's CEO Kelly Douglas. Lise met with the Itzy Ritzy Design Team and provided European fashion inspiration for our new custom fabric launching next spring.

Name: Lise Vold

Family: Husband Gunnar, and sons Filip, Fredrik & Nikolai

Occupation: Social worker and mother of 3 boys

Lise's kids & what they are into:
Filip (age 5)- Playdates, soccer, Playstation, Gameboy, movies, hiking and biking. Filip is super social and loves to talk - all the time!

Fredrik (soon to be 3)- Dressing up, playing outside, reading books and watching movies. Fredrik is active and always on the go, he really looks up to his big brother and is quite the copycat.

Nikolai (6 months)- Putting anything and everything into his mouth. He gets lots of attention, hugs and kisses from his brothers. He is one happy and easy baby.

Sandnes , Norway

Other cities where Lise has lived:
I have, in my childhood, lived in England and Holland and spent a year in Kansas as an exchange student. I have also lived in Oslo during my childhood years and again when I studied to be a social worker.

Lise's one piece of advice for someone about to become a first time parent:
Take it easy! Make and take time to enjoy every phase. Pick your battles and be consistent. Remember to laugh and have some fun too!
I guess that was more than one piece of advice!

Lise's go-to quick & easy meal for her kids:
Fruit & raisins - I cut up all types of fruit up and watch it disappear.

Lise's parenting trick:
It is not really a trick, but my boys always have to say thank you for dinner and carry their plate to the counter top by the dishwasher. It is amazing what little kids actually can manage and how most of the time, they enjoy helping out.

What are the biggest differences in parenting in the US and in Norway?
I think that Norwegian kids spend more time outdoors playing, biking, hiking in the mountains and skiing.

What are some hot European trends?
Retro fabrics, clothes and wallpaper and the colors purple and grey.

The one fashion item Lise cannot live without:
A nice big purse - I need the room with 3 kids.

If Lise could go anywhere tomorrow on an all expense paid vacation, where would she go and with whom?

I love traveling, so it is hard to decide we I would go - back to New York, Thailand or South Africa? Or somewhere were I haven't been, like Australia or Kenya?
Sorry kids...not coming! I think I would take my husband Gunnar to New York again. I think it is important to take time and just be girlfriend and boyfriend. Missing the kids is good thing!

Something else we should know about Lise:
I like to cook and include the boys when I have the time and energy to do so. They love to help and learn what is healthy, but they have also become good at trying different foods. My kids love avocados, tomatoes, fried onions, olives, feta cheese and parmesan cheese. My 5 year old wants a cook book for Christmas and says he can't wait till he can make us dinner!

Thank you, Lise, for being an Itzy Ritzy parent and sharing your thoughts!

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