Monday, January 18, 2010

Itzy Ritzy is a Hit in the UK

UK account Coochie Coo and blog My Funny Bunny are running a competition for Itzy Ritzy gear. Check out this quote a fan submitted about her favorite Itzy Ritzy product:

"I just love the Ritzy Sitzy shopping trolley cover to bits. What a brilliant idea - best thing I've seen in a long time! I cringe every time I take my baby granddaughter shopping and spend about ten minutes wiping the trolley down with Dettol wipes, and that's after drying it usually, I then spend the shopping trip trying to stop her chewing it! Not easy! This is such a simple, practical idea, and looks so stylish and comfy too - much better than being plonked in a cold metal seat covered in goodness knows what! She'd be the envy of all the other babies! Excellent idea too for babies who are a bit wary of shopping trolleys as it will make it look more familiar. Great for in restaurants too!" - Vee

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