Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dining with Dylan: Date Night

“Dylan has a date with his "girlfriend" tonight! He decided to use Itzy Ritzy's Hoot Lunch Happens™ Bento Lunch Box to create a picnic dinner for his favorite little lady, because what girl wouldn't love this adorably, girly bento box?

We worked together to create a Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich, stuffed with Pumpkin Butter and Organic Cream Cheese / Sliced Clementines (a cute, teeny orange which is perfect for little, chubby fingers) / Raisins / and Deviled Eggs for added protein!

Dylan sat on the kitchen counter, wearing his Spiderman apron (courtesy of Williams-Sonoma) over a diaper. He looked like a tiny version of the Naked Chef! He had such fun pressing the button on our Ninja to mix the waffle batter. After each ingredient was added, he would pause and then look at me at ask, "push 1 Mama?" and then I would nod yes and he would happily push the 1 button to mix the batter. Dylan also mixed the deviled egg yolk himself! Not even 2 years old and into impressing girls, what am I going to do when he's 13?”

 - Kristine

(all Trader Joe’s unless otherwise noted)

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