Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dining with Dylan: Brunch Happens Too

I have found myself in a bit of a predicament as of late...Dylan won’t eat a breakfast first thing in the morning as we are getting ready for class. He falls asleep for his nap around 12:30pm, right after his morning class, making lunch a very late lunch everyday as he wakes around 2:30pm.  I am finding that he will eat in the car on the way to class, and therefore, I need to make the most out of that meal, as it has to account for the nutrient content of two meals!  So, today’s Dining with Dylan focuses on brunch in his adorable Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens Bento Lunch Box, which is the absolute perfect size for car travel!

Are there any other Moms out there with this predicament?

- Kristine

This week's box features food from Trader Joe's and a V8 juice box nestled inside.  Kristine loves these juice boxes! – no corn syrup, low in sugar, and is a serving of fruit + veggie)

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