Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dining with Dylan: Brain Food

Dylan attends classes at the Outside the Box Center in Woodland Hills, CA - the perfect place for some brain food!

 "Outside the Box" description from website - "(OTB) is an educational and developmental program consisting of facilitated classes which focus on brain development for infants, toddlers, and young children through multi-sensory stimulation and specialized learning techniques. Focus is placed on cognitive development and reached through playful and fun activities which foster attachment and bonding and create neural synapse activity the brain. We play with a purpose!"

We go to the Center 5 days a week. During each class we pause for about 5 minutes to engage in share time. Not only does it teach our toddlers to transition in and out of food, and teach them to share their food (which is very difficult for toddlers), but eating food wakes the brain and in the middle of a class can help the toddlers re-focus.

For our snack today, we prepared a snack buffet in our Monkey Mania Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens Bento Lunch Box. We filled our box with Cuties®, grapes, carrots, apple slices, Kashi® crackers, cheese, and Toddler Mum-Mums™ to share. Everyone at the Center just loves when Dylan comes in with one of his Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happens Bento Lunch Boxes and I love that it is the perfect size to pack into our little cooler bag to keep our fruits nice and fresh!

 Happy Sharing!  - Kristine

 P.S. Look for our Valentine-themed box!


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