Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parent Profile: Father's Day Edition - Volume Two: Meet Jerad

The celebration of Itzy Ritzy rock star dads continues with Jerad, one awesome, superhero dad:

Read the nomination Jerad's wife, Angelika, wrote for him:
My husband, Jerad is one rock star dad! We have two little ones and he has never been afraid to change a diaper! In fact, he probably changes more than I do on the weekends ;) He's been pooped on (yeah projectile poo! MULTIPLE TIMES, yuck!), peed on, puked on, you name it! But through it all we just laugh about it. It's so adorable how he is probably a little over paranoid when it comes to our 16 month old and making sure food pieces aren't too big and any weird noise he makes he's instantly worried he's choking. (You can never be too careful and I definitely don't mind it - I just love how much he loves our boys!)  He's all too willing to watch the boys for the evening so I can run errands or catch up with a girlfriend. I just know way too many dads who've never watched their own children for more than an hour at a time so it's become apparent through the years what a blessing he is! He's my best friend and soulmate - we've been married going on 7 years in August. I'm a stay at home mom to our kiddos so he's the supporter of our family. He's just an amazing dad. When he gets home from work, that is the highlight of both of my boys' day, as it is mine. He makes me happier than I'd ever dreamed was possible. When you have kids, the love you have for your spouse can change and for us it changed in the best of ways. Before kids, I loved him so much it was impossible to describe. After having kids, it's 100x that. Because there is nothing better than seeing my boys rolling around on the ground together laughing and squealing because of their dad. Music to my ears and my heart is full.

Jerad Parrish

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they're into these days: 
Hayden, son, 4½ years old: he is into dinosaurs and pirates and you can catch him imitating either throughout each day.
Brantley, son, 16 months old: he is fearless and ornery! He loves to dance, climb, and play with anything that isn't a toy! 
Both boys will go crazy with excitement whenever "Gangnam Style" starts playing!

What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a dad?
How much you could love another person so much - it's incredible.

If you had one piece of advice for someone about to become a first-time dad, what would it be?
Don't sweat the small stuff! Like when you lift those little legs up too far and you get projectile pooed on!

What is your favorite one-on-one activity with your kids?
Playing catch or rolling a ball around with the boys!

Thank you for sharing, Jerad! We hope you, and all the dads out there, have a very special Father's Day.
xoxo, Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy thinks that Jerad would love the following prints to match his personality:

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