Friday, February 6, 2015

February Parent Profile - Anne-Marie Bailey

1.  Your Name:  Anne-Marie Bailey 

2.  Your child’s name and age: Leo Joseph Bailey- Age 5 month 

3.  Are you planning to stay at home or return to work? Was the decision hard? As of right now, I plan to stay at home. I am a teacher so I am tutoring for the time being.  I was nervous about the decision before Leo was born, but once he arrived, I never thought twice about it! I am very thankful that I can spend this time with him.

4.  Tell us about going from no kids to a newborn - what were the biggest changes? We decided to move from Chicago to the suburbs right before Leo was born, so that was a huge adjustment for us. Most of our friends don’t have children yet, so our weekends are very different from theirs. We were worried that we would end up staying home all the time, but that actually isn’t the case.  Leo likes to get out of the house just as much as we do! And our home is a walking maze of baby bouncers and play mats now, but we love it. 

5.  Where does your family live?  Any other cities you’ve lived?  We live in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Ryan is from the suburbs, and I am from Louisiana originally.  We want to take Leo to Louisiana as often as possible so that he can inherit some of my Cajun culture.

6.  How did you first learn about Itzy Ritzy?  My husband’s step-father/ my father-in-law first told me about Itzy Ritzy… partially because his daughter and her husband own the company, but also because of their great product lines! I used Snack Happens bags for myself long before having a baby.

7.  Favorite Itzy Ritzy product 
and fabric?  Right now, I use the Travel Happens bag more than anything. It’s great for traveling and so easy to clean.  As far as fabrics go, I’m very much into camouflage these days. I think the Camo fabric for little boys is just darling! My husband is very partial to anything with a monkey on it, so he’s all about Monkey Mania!

8.  The hardest part of my day is: Leo is a very easygoing child, but bedtime can be tricky. He’s like his father… he wants to stay up and party. We are still working on that one! 

9.  The best part of my day is:  I love our mornings together. He always wakes up with the biggest smile on his face, ready for action. Then we usually blast Taylor Swift and have a dance party to get the day going. 

10.  What are your must-have winter products?  These Midwestern winters do a number on me, so I stock up on Dr. Jart lotions and BB creams.  I also love Lush products, especially the Rub Rub Rub shower gel. 

11.  Favorite date night with your husband?  We are huge Bulls fans, so a perfect date would be a night at the United Center, with Derrick Rose playing and a win of course! 

12.  Guilty pleasures?  I’ve been known to keep up with my celebrity gossip on occasion. My Bachelorette party might have been Kardashian themed…  

13.  Anything else you'd like to share with the Itzy Ritzy community? It's not everyday that you get to know the actual people behind a product that you love. The family behind this company is one that we will model ours after, and it just makes shopping at Itzy Ritzy that much more meaningful!

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